Vitamin Recharge Butter

Nourishing hair butter

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Don’t just repair your hair, give it vitamins!

What is this? Nourishing hair butter.

Vitamin.Recharge.Butter is an extra-nourishing hair butter, particularly suitable for dry, curly or afro hair; with antioxidant, restructuring  and  protective  properties,
thanks to Shea butter and argan and avocado plant  oils.  Restores  optimal  softness  and hydration  to  the  hair,  removing  frizz  and adding shine.

Achieves easy to comb, elastic, shiny, soft and protected hair, as well as normalising the skin of the scalp.

Multivitamin supplement with VITAMINS B1, B2, B6, PP, B12, E, BIOTINE, PANTHENOL & SHEA BUTTER (Shea butter & argan & avocado oils). Deeply  nourishing  treatment  with  shea butter  and  avocado  and  argan  oils.

Regenerates  damaged  hair,  providing softness and shine. Powerful moisturiser that seals the cuticle and removes static. Protects and prevents hair  breakage,  encouraging  growth.  Ideal for dry, curly or afro hair.

For whom...

YES is indicated

•     Suitable for those with curly or afro hair, wanting to relax its natural volume and define the curl.
•     Ideal for dry and damaged hair.
•     Recommended for malnourished and dehydrated hair.
•     Flaking, dehydrated and especially sensitive scalps.
•     Excellent for sealing split ends.

NO is indicated

•     Fine hair.
•     Greasy scalps and scalps with oily dandruff.

What is it for and what are its benefits?

•    Restructures chemically damaged hair.
•    Repairs parts of the hair damaged by external agents and heated styling tools.
•    Provides high levels of hydration and sublime nourishment.
•    Minimises excess volume  in very full and very curly hair, such as afro hair.
•    Removes static.
•    Strengthens the hair.
•    Helps to untangle the hair, making it easier to comb.
•    Softens the hair, helping it to regain its natural shine.
•    Smooths split ends, acts directly on frizz and hair breakage, and eliminates a dry, irritated scalp.
•    Prevents skin irritation on the forehead and scalp during exposure to chemicals on the hair.

Shea butter, the key ingredient. Shea butter is a fat obtained from the ut of the hea tree, which is mainly found in areas of central Africa, pressed and brought to the boil. Shea means “butter tree”, so you can imagine the excellent texture of the resulting product.      The 5 properties of shea butter: • Deep hydration.   • The  natural  presence of vitamins  A, D, E and F in shea butter makes it one of the most nourishing natural products for your skin and hair.   • Protection  against external aggressions, such as the cold, heat, wind and sun.   • Powerful  anti-ageing, because it enhances the natural regeneration ability of your skin. It provides you with softer, suppler skin, and helps to combat wrinkles.   • Provides an extraordinary repairing and healing ability.          Properties of the perfect blend of plant oils: argan and avocado.    ARGAN: This  beauty  oil  par excellence contains vitamin E, omega 3, 6 and 9, antioxidants, beta-carotenes and phytosterols. It leaves the hair stronger and more flexible, while restoring and rejuvenating it, for soft and shiny hair.    AVOCADO: Has monounsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin B, E and K, beta-carotenes, iron and copper. It is an excellent choice for providing extreme hydration to the hair fibre and scalp. Strengthens the hair root, preventing hair loss and speeding up its growth.
How to use at home: • Directions for use: Apply to dry or damp hair, massaging the scalp and spreading over the hair, from root to tip. • Intense Treatment: For deeper penetration, cover the hair with a cap and leave on overnight. Wash the hair in the morning. • Hydrating treatment: Leave on for 15 minutes and wash the hair. • Afro styling: Apply in sections and style as desired. TIPS: • Apply a small amount of product onto the fingertips to restore very damaged split ends. • You can apply a small amount to protect areas of skin before applying hair dye.

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